Monday, May 20, 2013

Let's take a look at the Cutler Hammer - Westinghouse BAB3020HS circuit breaker.

I recently bought a reconditioned BAB3020HS from all electric needs inc.  When I initially received it I was surprised at its condition despite it being used.  I installed this roughly four weeks ago and everything has been working optimally so far.   What surprised me is that these guys actually offered me free ground shipping despite the price being very competitive already.  I was a bit skeptic at first but fortunately everything came through perfectly. I even got my shipment ahead of schedule which was nice.

This circuit breaker weighs about three pounds. Here are some of its specifications:

- 20 Amp
- 240 Volt
- 3 Pole with a shunt trip
- Is thermal magnetic
- Rate interruption is 10000
- Mounting Bolt
- BAB series

Installing cutler hammer circuit breakers is always a smooth process. If you ever need access to the technical specifications you can access them from this pdf here.

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